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Vertex System Corporation, founded in 2020, is a company with a strong 5G mobile communication network technology team. It provides end-to-end complete 5G private network equipment and deployment services, including private network planning, private network application assistance, private network installation and deployment, private network and vertical application integration, and system maintenance.

Entering the 5G era, wireless communication technology will enable everything to be connected without spatial limitations. Vertex System Corporation will provide 5G private network integration services and applications to improve enterprise intelligence and efficient management, and achieve the goal of building a 5G private network and digital transformation.

Combining wireless mobile communication signal coverage know-how with IoT, 5G vertical integration applications, cloud management platforms, and big data collection, we will provide enterprise intelligent networking, sharing information security, flexible deployment, and fast-moving services and environment, becoming a cross-domain system integration service provider.

Cross discipline system intergrated

Vertex Solutions

5G Private Network

Our main focus is to provide enterprise customers with the deployment of dedicated 4G/5G networks to support high bandwidth, low latency, and seamless communication for fast-moving people or objects, while ensuring the security of information and communication.

ESG Communication

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is a fiber optic communication technology that enables high-speed communication networks. It is also an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) energy-saving and carbon-reducing communication solution.

Smart Manufacturing

Through the deployment of 5G private networks, various applications can be established, such as object tracking, video surveillance and analysis, production line maintenance inspection, unmanned vehicles, indoor navigation, industrial robots, etc., to promote the digital transformation of factories.

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